The Story of Soapárie

I started making soap 12 years ago when my daughter developed allergies and sensitivity to chemical foaming agents during the harsh winter months in New York. Throughout the years I have tweaked (not to be confused with twerked..get your mind out of the gutter! ) my recipe and have developed a truly gentle moisturizing and cleansing bar that is great for people with dry sensitive skin. Soapárie started and has grown based on word of mouth. Now here we are 12 years later with a cult following, a fancy name like Soapárie, and over 150 followers on facebook!

So here’s the deal. Here at Soapárie, we are foodie nerds and do not apologize for our snark. Since soap making is basically chemistry, we have combined both our love of food and our love of nerdyness and created what I like to call “gourmet” soap.  Made with locally sourced fresh ingredients, we focus on creating soap with only the best ingredients with special attention to both local and global sustainability. Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana with our roots in New York City, we add fresh local produce purchased from local growers (shout out to Hollygrove!), while using oils and butters sourced from globally and socially responsible sources. We never use chemical foaming agents, artificial colors or preservatives.

Oh and sometimes we have potty mouths… we don’t apologize for that either.

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